Charcoal Blue Lady 2

2 wm

I absolutely LOVE charcoal! In my Life Drawing classes we really had the freedom to work with whichever medium we wanted, which made class so interesting to see everyone’s interpretation. I love how expressive you can get through the use of lines and shadows. I really enjoy the process of working with charcoal. The blue is a pastel we made in a previous class.


One thought on “Charcoal Blue Lady 2

  1. I love your work Emily and I really appreciate you sharing your talent with me. Please keep me posted on any new creations that you have in the works. I would love to keep up with you and your talent. I especially enjoy your portraits. Very good indeed.

    Please view my work at I would truly love your opinion. I blessed to have met you and I look forward to sharing Information with you. Artists inspire each other and you are very good.

    Thanks for being my friend and sharing.
    Johnny D. Webb


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