Hello! Welcome to emilybartsch.com! I hope you take a few moments and check out some of my work. Please keep following my site (and sharing with others) because I will continue to add more! To give you a brief background, I am a graduate from The University of North Carolina Wilmington with B.A. degrees in Studio Art and Communication Studies.

I really enjoy meeting and working with people, so I think that is why I have a strong interest in portraits.  Something is so captivating and intriguing about expressions that I believe have a story to tell.

Through my experiences with portraiture and life drawing, I have followed another passion of drawing caricatures. I do live drawings at parties, weddings, birthdays, markets, etc as well as from photos. These are so much fun!

Murals are another personal favorite.  I have painted for a local foundation in Salisbury, NC, the YMCA in Salisbury, NC, Luly’s Cuban Cafe- a restaurant in Wilmington, NC, and for UNC-Wilmington’s game room. I like having a huge open canvas ready to be transformed!

I know reside on the Mornington Peninsula and you can find some of my work at the Southern Buoy Studios or find me at the local markets at Mornington and Redhill.

Again, I hope you enjoy my site and keep visiting!


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