Commissioned pieces for BSA Legal in Balnarring, Vic

Well it’s a great day in Australia!! Actually, a bit stormy, but still a good one! Paintings are done and clients are happy!

Here are a few of the paintings! Hope you enjoy and get thinking about your next project! These were fun and challenging. I hope they may bring a peace and calmness to those looking at them.

Thanks to the BSA Legal ( for allowing me to make their offices beautiful!

IMG_4909 IMG_4898 IMG_4910 - Version 2  IMG_4903



graduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-065 wmgraduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-063 wmgraduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-812 wmgraduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-897 wmgraduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-759 wmHere is a mural I designed and painted for UNC-Wilmington’s Game Room.

Now, I don’t do math…but I’m about 5’9” and this was a big project! I would say each wall was about 14 feet long and about 10 feet tall.

Pastel Painting 2

home-thanksgiving-christmas-2007-064 wm

I spent two summers working in the Florida Keys and one of the best things I loved to do was sit on the dock and watch the sunset each night. Those sunsets were some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring ones I have seen. Needless to say, I took hundreds of pictures and wanted to do a series based on some of the photos.

Pastels are beautiful  and the colors are so vivid, and that’s why I love how the series turned out.

What Color Are You?

dscf0640 wm


Commissioned piece for the Association for Campus Entertainment at UNC-Wilmington. It is an abstract, Pollock inspired work with the colors representing the different personality types represented in the organization.

Stretched canvas. Approx. 3ft x 4ft. Acrylic.