Realty World Cape Fear Caricatures!

I just love working with Wilmington’s very own, Realty World Cape Fear! I enjoy being a part of their fun staff meetings! This is the third round of caricatures I’ve done for them. Here are a few to view!

img_0623-version-2 wm img_0625-version-2 wm img_0628-version-2 wm

And if you are interested in real-estate in Wilmington North Carolina, here is the website.


Why, hello again!

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up, if only you try!”

– Dr. Seuss

Well it has been awhile since I have added anything but here a couple new things: Make sure you all check out Now Are the Foxes (Salisbury’s only improv comedy group). Acting has been my recent form of art.

Check out some of my paintings and drawings at tThe Sweetest Thing in Salisbury, NC owned by Lynne and Josh Harrell. They are now serving dinner and asked for some of my work. So go eat, drink, be merry and maybe buy some of my stuff. cough. cough.



graduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-065 wmgraduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-063 wmgraduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-812 wmgraduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-897 wmgraduation-and-post-graduation-til-june-2009-759 wmHere is a mural I designed and painted for UNC-Wilmington’s Game Room.

Now, I don’t do math…but I’m about 5’9” and this was a big project! I would say each wall was about 14 feet long and about 10 feet tall.