Commissioned pieces for BSA Legal in Balnarring, Vic

Well it’s a great day in Australia!! Actually, a bit stormy, but still a good one! Paintings are done and clients are happy!

Here are a few of the paintings! Hope you enjoy and get thinking about your next project! These were fun and challenging. I hope they may bring a peace and calmness to those looking at them.

Thanks to the BSA Legal ( for allowing me to make their offices beautiful!

IMG_4909 IMG_4898 IMG_4910 - Version 2  IMG_4903


Abstract Acrylics for BSA Legal of Balnarring

Very excited to note that I have been commissioned to paint for the BSA Legal firm of Balnarring, Victoria! Keep checking in and thanks for all your support!


What Color Are You?

dscf0640 wm


Commissioned piece for the Association for Campus Entertainment at UNC-Wilmington. It is an abstract, Pollock inspired work with the colors representing the different personality types represented in the organization.

Stretched canvas. Approx. 3ft x 4ft. Acrylic.